About Me

About Irena Stopar

Irena Stopar Astrologer

Hi, I'm Irena Stopar.

I’m astrologer, NLP coach and solopreneur. All my work and life are about helping people to become happier, more self-confident and more successful.

My life is full of surprises. Good things happened and nasty ones, too. I couldn’t understand why this is happening to me until I met astrology in 2003. The answers I found them were fascinating and so clear to me!

I know I can help you find your answers. You can use many tools I created for you to find your new ways to a completely new and happier life.

I’ll be honored to show you my step-by-step system to help you become happier, more confident and more successful.

My astrology started by surprise

Everything started in 1999 when I was at my Human Resources class on my Business Faculty. Teacher told us many successful companies in my country use astrology before they employ people. She was very hostile to this idea.

In 2003, I decided to solve the mystery about using astrology in business life. My main questions were:

  • Why do companies use astrology for their business decisions?
  • Who are astrologers?
  • How can they know who is the best employee?
  • How is possible the stars can tell you what is going on?
  • Where and how do astrologers cheat us?

I had to find the answers to those questions. But I found so much more than just these.

My first steps in astrology

I started my astrology study by taking so many courses and reading so many books I could not imagine they even exist.

There was one thing I did differently than many other astrology students. I took my dog and went outside. I tried to explain everything as astrological signs, planets, houses and aspects. I recommend you the same if you’d like to understand astrology.

Astrology is not mystical

You’ll find out there is nothing mystical in astrology. The astrology just explains everything in your life.

Your behavior, your relationships, your making decisions, your money, your family, your children, your love and hate, your job and your boss, your friends, your circumstances and much more.

Professional astrologer

In 2005, I found answers to my questions and began helping people as a professional astrologer. In 2006, I opened my Astrology School in Slovenia.

Since then I could influence to so many people’s life! Many of them live an entirely new life. They changed their relationships, jobs, money issues, conversations with other people, developed their self-recognition and self-confidence, started successful businesses and much more.

I finally found myself. I found out I can do something good for the world. I can help you, too.

What I do?

  • I would like to give you as much of my knowledge and experience as you can absorb from me.
  • I can explain and teach you about basic of astrology, reading your birth horoscope, timing in astrology and forecasting your time.
  • I can also explain you about your relationships and what to do to find more love and affection from your partner.
  • With karmic astrology, I can explain to you what causes your issues.
  • Astrology is a very strong tool and can explain almost everything in your life.
  • My job is to present information from your horoscope as clear as possible to you in a way you can use the information to transform your life for better.

Whom can I help?

I could answer many of your questions. But I decided to help only special people. I hope you are one of them.

I work with women and man who are ready to change something in their life. They might be frightened of starting but are committed to doing whatever it takes to change their perception, relationship, financial or business situation.

If you are such a brave person, ready to live better and more fulfilled, I would be honored to work with you and help you to make your dreams and hopes come true.

I can’t work with people who are just looking for excuses and blame everybody else for their unhappiness. I can give you advice for your situation, but I can’t force you to change anything in your life.