Aspects And Orbs In Astrology (Astrological Aspects)

Aspects And Orbs

Aspects And Orbs In Astrology

Aspects represent the relationships between planets in birth horoscope or any other horoscope. They are the fourth part of the astrology foundations.

It's easy to calculate the aspects as you can use a computer for this mathematical part. We measure them in angular degrees (e.g., 60 °, 90 °, 120 ° and others).

The most important for you is to learn and understand their meaning correctly. The angular degrees between two planets will tell you about your destiny.

The planets in aspects can "behave" friendly or hostile. They bring joy, fulfilled desires or tensions and disappointments into your life.

What is an orb?

In addition to the basic angular degrees, planets can also be more or less distant from one another. The distance from a precisely determined degree is called an orb.

If the planets are 60° apart, they are in an aspect called sextile. If the distance of same planets is 62°, they are in sextile. The orb of the sextile is 2°.

You can understand the orb as allowed number of degrees between the two planets, which are in an aspect but don't form the exact degree as we would expect.

When you find the two planets in aspect and an allowed orb you can connect two planets into the story.

When you discover two planets in aspect, you can expect something will happen to this person. It can be a talent, a different nature of this person, events, circumstances, etc.

Major or Ptolemaic aspects

You can learn about a large number of aspects, but the most important are so called "Major" or "Ptolemaic".

Ptolemaic aspects are conjunction, sextile, square, trine, and opposition. I use the inconjunction, too because it tells me about the person's pain.

As soon as you understand astrological signs, planets, houses, and aspects, it's time to connect them to the story of your life.

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