Astrological Houses – 12 Parts Of Horoscope

Astrological Houses and You

Astrological Houses ​

12 Parts Of Horoscope

When you divide the horoscope into 12 different areas, you get 12 parts called the astrological houses.

In horoscopes, you can find them marked with numbers 1 to 12. Through the horoscope, you notice that you follow them in the clockwise direction.

Astrological houses are one of the astrology foundations. You already know a little about astrology signs and planets. The astrological houses are as important as planets are.

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Without the knowledge of astrological houses, you can partly explain the horoscope, but the information from it will be incomplete.

Calculation of houses in the horoscope

You can calculate the astrological houses in several ways.

Every astrologer decides which house system he will choose for his work after she or he is familiar with the different systems of house calculation.

Usually, people initially test several different systems for calculating houses, and later choose the one that best suits them.

The most well-known house systems are Placidus, Regiomontanus, Koch, Equal house system and others. In my work without exception, I use the Placidus system of houses.

When you choose a house system, you choose how you will divide the circle because each of the house systems uses different criteria for calculations.

Distribution and importance of astrological houses

We can divide the houses by the categories. One of the distributions of the houses is angular, succedent and cadent houses.

Another distribution of the houses is to the cardinal, fixed and mutable houses.

Each house has its own meaning and speaks about a particular area of your life.

  • The First house is all about you and your personality. 
  • In the Second house tells you about your money.
  • In the Third house, you learn about your knowledge.
  • In your Fourth house, you find your family and home.
  • In the Fifth house, you find your love.
  • In the Sixth house, you learn about your work and health.
  • In the Seventh house, you find your partner.
  • In the Eighth house, you discover your debts and death.
  • In the Ninth house, you travel and get wisdom.
  • In the Tenth house, you build your career and reputation.
  • In the Eleventh house, you find your friends and astrology talents.
  • In the Twelfth house, you discover your weaknesses and things you shouldn't do.

Of course, what I wrote can't represent everything about astrological houses. It is just an example of how house descriptions differ.

Which Description Of Astrological Houses Is Right?

When studying modern and traditional astrology, you will discover the meanings of houses are often different.

Both are valid but please don't mix them, if you want to get the right answers.

Before explaining your or other people's birth charts (horoscope), you must learn more about the astrological houses and their meaning.

When you get to know the houses in the horoscope, you will find some of them contain planets, and some of the houses are empty.

People often ask me how it is possible.

In astrology, we are using ten planets. If you can put one planet in one house, they will fit into ten houses. You get two empty houses.

Very often, you find more planets placed together in one or more houses. In this case, you get three or four houses empty.

I hope you understand that some houses simply must remain empty.

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