Astrology – What You Need To Know About Astrology

Astrology Fundamentals

What You Need To Know About Astrology

Before I tell you more about astrology, I have to admit that I have been neglected it for many years.

I was convinced that it was a "bluff." I did not realize this ancient knowledge has high power. The power of awareness, confrontation with you and the circumstances in which you find yourself.

Only after years of intensive study of astrology, horoscopes, and research, I realized that astrology could help you relatively quickly find answers to your burning questions.

Know Yourself

With the help of astrology, you can find out what to change within you so you could live a better life. It can help you to understand others and their reactions.

You can anticipate what will happen or what kind of energy of the next days, weeks, months, even years you're about to face.

Astrology can help you realize what you need to do to make sure that "dangerous scenarios" do not happen or they will be in a milder form.

At the same time, you get to know exactly when to tense all your strengths and take advantage of many opportunities that will surely come to you.

You can find out when to start something to succeed and when you want to get rid of it to accumulate the power for the later times.

Astrology And Psychology

Astrology also offers you the opportunity to understand yourself from a psychological point of view.

It gives you the opportunity to find and explore your subconscious patterns. It's much easier for you to change them if you understand the triggers that get you out of your way.

It allows you to explore the circumstances in which you find yourself.

Your job is to understand the causes of the action, accept them, consider how to do something better and then change it.

It helps you to find the right place to live or where to move your business, rearrange your living or business premises and improve what is still bothering you today.

By anticipating the future events, it warns you about what you should avoid today so you can be happier and more successful tomorrow.

Astrology Is Not Clairvoyance

 Many people still perceive astrology as clairvoyance. It has nothing in common with it.

I do not know enough about clairvoyance, so I do not want to judge. I just know that until today I have not yet met even one psychic who would tell me anything useful about my life and my future.

I believe that there is probably someone who has this kind of skills, but I have not met him or her. I want to tell you that astrology has nothing in common with such things.

Astrology is based on astronomy and mathematics. Therefore, you need accurate birth data for the interpretation of any horoscope.

A horoscope based on accurate birth data is a potent tool for you to know yourself and your options.

It describes events with incredible precision. I want to emphasize that the planets can not do anything to you. Planets only represent what lives in you.

Acquiring The Astrology Basics

Whenever you are wondering how to start to study your or another person's horoscope, you need to know the basics of astrology well.

Many people underestimate them. They feel they know the basics if they have read a few books or are regularly browsing the Internet.

Knowing everything about, e.g., Cancer is not the same as understanding why Cancer is behaving like he or she is.

You need to understand why, for example, Cancer is so sensitive and what makes him freaky.

Therefore, the basis of astrology gives you essential knowledge through which you can then learn how to read the horoscopes. If you do not understand them, you will be lost in a variety of options.

I run a very successful Astrology Courses in Slovenia since 2006 and perhaps I'll make them available for English speaking people, too. For now, just trust me I know where you should start learning and how to use it for your happiness and success.

Once you understand the basics, you will always be able to use your knowledge and help yourself or the others.

Astrology thus describes different areas of life. Your daily life and occasional events.

 You need to use different branches of astrology for various questions. I will tell you more about them in one of the following articles.

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