Horoscopes, astrology and planets – Can they harm you?


Can horoscope harm you?

Horoscopes, astrology, astrology signs and planets can’t do anything to you. They can’t harm you. They just show what lives inside you.

Your horoscope shows you your best possibilities and decisions of your life.

Birth horoscope

By understanding your birth horoscope, you could find valuable information about your personality, about your values, about your decision-making, about your love and relationships.

Your horoscope can show you your relationships with your lover, partner, parents, children, friends and other people if they are important in your life.

Your birth horoscope is all about you. It shows you actions you take or should take to become happier and more successful.

You can find valuable information about your money and how to get out of the debt.

It shows where you put your energy and where you should invest more of your energy and time.

Free will

My advice is not to depend on your horoscope only.

You have free will. Your free will is a part of you and is shown in your life when you use your brains. Using your brains helps you to transform your destiny completely.

Free will helps you to set your goals and make your dreams come true. I use astrology in combination with coaching, life experience and common sense.

Using astrology, coaching and your free will can help you change almost any circumstances and provide you with almost everything you are longing for.

Your new destiny

Your first step for changing your life and become healthier, happier and more successful starts with understanding yourself in a new way.

Horoscope, astrology and coaching can be the next step to your new life.

Of course, you will have to be determent and willing to change. Horoscope can just guide you and show you the best ways to get there.

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Irena Stopar

I'm an astrology teacher, astrologer, Licenced NLP coach, author and mentor who can help you become happier and more successful.


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