Mercury retrograde

Planets Retrograde

Mercury retrograde ​

Be careful what you are doing during Mercury retrograde time

In astrology, Mercury is one of the personal planets. It has a substantial impact on your everyday life. You can feel it's influence in your daily activities. Mercury retrograde can delay many of them.

Mercury is the smallest and fastest of the planets of our solar system. It is always close to the Sun. In the horoscope, you will always find Mercury in the sign of the Sun, the one before or after the Sun. Mercury is retrograde several times a year. That is the reason why astrologers write about retrograde Mercury so often.

Mercury is the ruler of the movements, purchases, communications, and so forth. At a time when it is moving retrograde, it causes a lot of problems with his activities.

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Mercury retrograde and traveling

If you take a trip, and you land in a different place than you initially planned, you probably won't regret to see something new. However, when you stay on the road due to heavy traffic or even accidents, you are likely to be pissed off. When Mercury retrograde is happening, it’s a good decision to set out your journey early. Listen to the traffic information and try to find a side road if it exists.

Mercury retrograde and shopping

When you go shopping, be aware of overspending. In the meantime, buy just what you need. Look around and buy at discount prices. You'll be amazed how cheap you can buy quality stuff at this time. When Mercury is retrograde, you don’t need to spend more than usually. If you buy at discounted prices, you can save some money. You should make a list of the planned purchases and stay with your plans. Such practice is very welcome to reduce monthly expenses. At the time of Mercury retrograde, it should become your secret rule.

Mercury retrograde and contracts

Be very attentive if you have to sign contracts and agreements. During this time, it could happen you don’t read your contract or agreement as careful as usual. You will probably agree with most or even everything you read. After a few weeks or months, you could change your mind. Perhaps your partner will change his or her mind. You could be sloppy at this time. If you have to sign it now, take a lawyer or advisor to help you. The price of neglecting this rule could be higher than you are prepared to pay for it.

Mercury retrograde and communication

Take special care of communication. It may happen that you will wonder what some other people are saying to you. Perhaps you'll feel totally misunderstood. In the Mercury retrograde time, this is normal. Take it as an opportunity for learning a better communication with other persons. If there's something, you don't understand, keep asking questions until you get a definite answer. If others don't get you, be patient. Tell them in a million ways and keep talking until they know what you are saying.

Mercury retrograde and exams

Time is auspicious to perform the exams and tests. For pupils and students who put lots of effort into their learning but didn’t get the results yet this is great news. Teachers will have full hands of work with questioning them. They may also be less rigorous.

Relax at Mercury retrograde phase

Whatever Mercury retrograde brings  don’t panic. Take care and do your best. Relax when you can afford it. There will come a time when you will be certainly in more favorable position.

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