Welcome to Astrology and Horoscopes


Welcome to Astrology and Horoscope site

I’m glad you are here!

Astrology and horoscope can tell you a lot about your nature, about your talents and special gifts.

This post is my first English post on my new website astrofoundations.com. I’m writing it just to welcome you and tell you I’m glad you are here.

You and only You

Astrofoundations is all about you, about your birth chart or birth horoscope and its influence in your life. You’ll learn more about your nature, your abilities to help yourself and other people.

You will find out when it’s appropriate to make changes and when it is better to accept things around you just like they are.

I will show you what many other people did and how they changed their destiny. You can do all that and much more if you’re prepared to persist with your desires even when you feel hurt.

In my next posts, you’ll learn more about astrology, astrology signs, planets, houses and aspects between planets. I will explain them all.

Astrology is about you, about people around you and your circumstances.

It’s all written in the stars

You’ll learn more about the stars, astrological signs, planets, houses, aspects and other astrological concepts. Don’t worry, I’ll show you how you can use them in your life!

I will take you through my step-by-step process and show you how you can use astrology to become happier and more successful.

All big things start with the first step - astrology can lead you there

This article is just a beginning of your journey to the stars. Much more is coming, and I will be happy if you could find much useful information that will help you to become a person you always wanted to be.

In next weeks and months, I’ll post some awesome articles about astrology. Later I will tell you about how to use it in your everyday life. It will make me very happy if you visit my site again.

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I'm an astrology teacher, astrologer, Licenced NLP coach, author and mentor who can help you become happier and more successful.

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